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15/03/2016 • Current Post

Dhexdhexaadinta khilaafka qoyska iyo xallintiisa

Family conflict mediation and resolution

The family, which is the basic unit of civilization, is now disintegrating.  Islam’s family system brings the rights of the husband, wife, children, and relatives into a fine equilibrium.  It nourishes unselfish behavior, generosity, and love in the framework of a well-organized family system.  The peace and security offered by a stable family unit is greatly valued, and it is seen as essential for the spiritual growth of its members.

Muslim Famlies of Finland, Suomen Muslimiperheet, has the pleasure to inform the muslim community in Finland, that we have set family conflict mediation resolution instrument. The service we provide has the following values, ethics and scope:

  1. Neutrality and Impartiality
  2. Confidentiality
  3. Islamic
  4. Considering cultural difference
  5. All family members

The conflict resolution board consists of number of scholars and Imamis of different ethnicities. “Do not wait until family breakdown. Be hurry and get consultations and remedies from the experts”  Contacts are shown below.

Br. Abdirahman Hagi Mahmuud +3584421 47721 Sh. Abdi-Nasir +35844 972 5991/

Lönnrotinkatu 22 A 5 Helsinki

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